AFFIDAVIT OF ADMIRAL ADI SUMARDIMAN (before the International Court of Justice - October 8, 1999)

Adi Sumardiman


Prior to arriving in Kuala Lumpur, I was in charge of organising the geographical data on Indonesia. including hydrographical or topographical survey reports and maps of neighboring States showing the location of islands and delimitation constructions. I asked the Head of the
Group for the opportunity to collect abroad those informations for a last check of Indonesian territory and delimitation lines based on foreign maps . Malaysian maps were made by the British who had been using datum that were different from those of the maps of tile former Netherlands East-Indies. In this connection, I was aware of numbers of foreign maps which showed the international boundary between Indonesia and Malaysia running due east from the Island of Sebatik along the 4° 10'N parallel established by the 1891 Convention between The Netherlands
and Great Britain.



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